Sucré Salé was founded in 2000 by the two renowned photographers Pierre Hussenot and Pierre Cabannes. In order to reach their goal of building up a food photo agency of top quality to satisfy the high demands of their clients, they have acquired the best food photographers.

Since then Sucré Salé has grown and continuously built up its content (commissioned productions, recipe development, editorial, etc.) to become the leading food image agency in France.

Aesthetics, quality and selection of pictures, as well as service and customer orientation make up its core competence which is known as the "Esprit Sucre Sale".



In March 2015 Sucré Salé signed a groundbreaking distribution agreement with StockFood, the world's leading Food Image Agency. Both agencies share the same vision. Quality and service are their top priorities and set them apart.

Through this strategic partnership Sucré Salé can now market its premium collection "PhotoCuisine" in all international markets. So our worldwide customers can enjoy the advantage of having access to this unique collection of more than 600,000 food images from over 1,200 professional photographers.

All culinary themes are represented in this diverse collection: recipes, regional and international specialties, ingredients, stills, step-by-step preparation, mood shots, etc.

Our service team is always happy to help you, whether with individual image selection, recipe requests, price calculation and rights management.

In the event you do not find the right image in our collection, contact our photo studio. They can produce the perfect image for your project, custom made to meet your exact needs.